I am a person who is enthusiastic about psychology, art, and science; and likes to learn something new every day.

Review Through Bitmeyen Yol and Gurbet Kuşlari Movies

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Cinema was one of the most efficient ways to demonstrate the change in the country for the 1960s. Filmmakers who benefit from the freedom in the law in those years utilize cinema to cultivate social and political matters such as urbanization, industrialization, slum settlements (Güçhan, 1992). One of the main…

Gossip allows children to learn information and determine by who and how they learn new things.

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Psychologists stated that some information about the social environment is complex and it is difficult to gain information from only first-hand experience (Foster, 2004). Therefore, second-hand information is common, and when it's about other people, it's called gossip (Foster, 2004).

Some researchers say that gossip has the role of transmitting…

You and your child can learn coding at home.

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As you all know, technology is already embedded in our lives.

When talking about the professions of the future, many people put technology and computer-related professions on the top.

Consequently, many parents want their children to have knowledge of technology and especially programming.

Also, I know that many kids are…

Immortality from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the 21st century

Ancient Mesopotamian terracotta relief (c. 2250–1900 BC) showing Gilgamesh slaying the Bull of Heaven (in…

ItIt is an undeniable fact that, for a long time, humankind has tried to eliminate human limitations. This quest for the development of the human condition through the elimination of its limitations is known as transhumanism. One of the most prominent limitations people are faced with and that all possess…

Sila Cakmak

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