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I am a person who is enthusiastic about psychology, art, and science; and likes to learn something new every day.

Review Through Bitmeyen Yol and Gurbet Kuşlari Movies

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Cinema was one of the most efficient ways to demonstrate the change in the country for the 1960s. Filmmakers who benefit from the freedom in the law in those years utilize cinema to cultivate social and political matters such as urbanization, industrialization, slum settlements (Güçhan, 1992). One of the main themes illustrated in the cinema was migration. It is a movement that aims to move from a region to another, change location and distance but beyond that narrow definition it has significant impacts on society and citizens. Funding from the West, rapid industrialization, and mechanization in agriculture had played a…

Watch these sociological films, if you did not yet!

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Hidden Figures

Did you think about the homeless, disabled, and elderly citizens` rights?

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It is an undeniable fact that human rights are significant protection for all people whatever their race, gender, or age is. However, even in our contemporary world, many people do not know what a human right is and why it is essential.

Human rights are some laws that many countries agreed on together that try to protect humans and make everyone equal regardless of who they are.

These law’s main purposes are to provide the same opportunities for everyone and prevent injustice. Despite the theory of these laws, unfortunately, many people cannot take advantage of human rights. They face plenty…

Psychologists revealed the unspoken side of IQ

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Where do chess champions, excellent musicians, and Nobel winner scientists come from? Why all those people are so different from the rest of society?

We see them, amazed, and wonder why they can do that we cannot.

You may say these experts were ‘born special’, their genetic made them special. You may say that their IQs made them unique without any effort, and we’ll never be like them, no matter our attempts.

When you listen to Beethoven you may think that you and he belong to two different planets. You may think all those brilliant minds are ‘born talented’. …

Women’s (human) rights

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The formal approach to equality claims that we can mention equality where the law treats people the same regardless of gender.

However, this view does not address some problems and thus is not comprehensive enough to create actual equality for women. The reason is, even if the state proposes gender equality laws, the real-life implications can still become discriminatory. As we know for example, if a woman cannot actually use the time off from work after birth, we cannot mention equality.

Women are different, but women and men are equal.

And the protectionist approach leads to losing opportunities for women.

(Substantive) Gender Equality Introduced by the UN’s CEDAW?

Gossip allows children to learn information and determine by who and how they learn new things.

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Psychologists stated that some information about the social environment is complex and it is difficult to gain information from only first-hand experience (Foster, 2004). Therefore, second-hand information is common, and when it's about other people, it's called gossip (Foster, 2004).

Some researchers say that gossip has the role of transmitting information (Sommerfeld et al., 2007), and this may be seen as a need in order to learn social information (Baumeister, Zhang, & Vohs, 2004).

Gossip and Selective Learning

Several researchers examined whether children trust information only from first-hand experience and, if they do not, how much they prefer to learn from indirect experience.


Are we fooling ourselves?

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It has been six days since I wake up with energy inside of me, make my coffee to work, but ended up with nothing but working.

This has been such a circle to me that the more I wanted to work the more I felt exhausted and tired.

As a result, even though I did not work during the day, I was still pretty confident that I must have done something, otherwise, why would I be tired, right?

I was pretending as if I work for six days!

You may ask: “ to whom you pretended as if like working?”

Overview on The Dunning-Kruger Effect

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Imagine your college or high school years. You studied hard before an exam, but you think your exam went horrible and you are in a very miserable situation. While you are thinking about how bad your exam is, a friend of yours who is not so brilliant and does not make the same effort says he expects 90 out of 100.

You are frustrated. How on earth while you did so poorly on the exam, he succeeds it.

After a few weeks, the results are announced and it turns out that you got a better grade than him. …

You and your child can learn coding at home.

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As you all know, technology is already embedded in our lives.

When talking about the professions of the future, many people put technology and computer-related professions on the top.

Consequently, many parents want their children to have knowledge of technology and especially programming.

Also, I know that many kids are bored of sitting at home and looking for a new activity, so in this article, I will try to solve both problems at once.

In this article, I will talk about 4 applications that your children can have fun and learn to code while playing games.

Unfortunately, most writings on…

Immortality from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the 21st century

Ancient Mesopotamian terracotta relief (c. 2250–1900 BC) showing Gilgamesh slaying the Bull of Heaven (in Tablet VI) of the Epic of Gilgamesh. Image is retrieved from

It is an undeniable fact that, for a long time, humankind has tried to eliminate human limitations. This quest for the development of the human condition through the elimination of its limitations is known as transhumanism. One of the most prominent limitations people are faced with and that all possess is mortality (Lockhart, 2013).

In fact, we can consider that the quest for immortality is not only one of the aims of the present, but also that it has been sought throughout history. One of the earliest symptoms of this quest is the Epic of Gilgamesh. …

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